I think i’ve waited long enough…I’m gonna get my shit together and finally submit my “Punch-a-Priest” game proposal to Milton Bradley.

If these idiots weren’t actually damaging children all over the world, their obtuseness would be HILARIOUS. But they are, so it isn’t.

For the entire depraved interview, click HERE.

*thanks to my dear friend Mary Jo for bringing this to my attention.

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  1. I don’t care if you’re a priest or joe schmoe on the street with a mental disorder. NO ONE should molest children. And their privates and fingers should be cut off for doing it.

  2. I enjoy a civilized discourse. Andy thank you for posting.

  3. I’m sorry. I shouldn’t have said anything. I normally don’t follow bloggers who hate my Church but I had followed you because I related to your struggle with addiction. The Church is my family and I am a staunch defender. Ill get off your blog…I hate controversy.

  4. The only depravity in the interview was from the reporter.

    • I’m curious as to why you think that.

      • He completely manipulated the interview to get a “gotcha.” The entire line of questioning was unfair and designed to make the cardinal look bad. I have admiration and respect for these cardinals and very little for sensationalist journalists with axes to grind. It might be fun and popular to call all priests child molesters but untrue. It plays well to certain audiences tho. It takes me a lot to rile up. This kind of thing riles me up.

      • Lorraine Talley

        Sacred Heart was my parish in the 60’s. I don’t remember hearing any stories of Father Alvernaz as being a drunk. I do recall his love of hunting when passing by his growling blood drooling dogs behind the fence as we would have to pass going to daily Mass. I moved away from Turlock in 1968, I never met the Irish priest. I have great and fond memories of that parish. It hurts to hear your story, I am very sorry.

      • no need to be sorry! thank you for taking the time to read my post. any chance you’re related to a Paul? All my best, xo. Andy

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